Sunday, March 26, 2017

My first biking adventure

So yesterday I made my first trip using my bike. I planned to visit areas that are near to familiarize myself with biking. It was kind of scary at first because I will have to share the road with other vehicles so I planned the safest routes that I will take in order to get to my destination. So around 9 am in the morning I took my first pedal to adventure.

My first stop, the walled city of Intramuros. Intramuros is one of the oldest district here in Manila Philippines and has a rich history. It was built during the time when Philippines was under Spanish rule. There are many entrances to Intramuros and here is what one of the entrances looks like:

Intramuros entrance

I went up to the ramp beside the wall to climb
Intramuros Wall Ramp

Upon climbing the ramp you will see this area. Guards can easily spot the area below by climbing on those stairs at the wall.
Above Intramuros Wall

You can move along the wall by following paths like these. The floor was really bumpy so I just decided to walk with my bike.
Intramuros Wall Path

Intramuros Wall Path

The wall is segmented and each segment has an area that looks like this
Intramuros Wall Segment

Or this (which is my favorite area of the wall because of the cannons)  You can see the cannons on the edge of the wall. This area must be where enemy attacks where anticipated because it looks really fortified.
Intramuros Wall Center

Intramuros Wall Center

Lots of cannons along the wall
Intramuros Wall Cannon

And here is the close view of one of those cannons. It looks really old.
Intramuros Wall Cannon

Speaking of big guns, I found this what looks like an artillery which was probably used during 
World War 2
Intramuros Wall World War 2 Artillery Cannon

As modernization continues, the inside of the walls transformed. Schools were built near the wall
Mapua Institute of Technology

Intramuros Manila Bulletin

Intramuros Manila Cathedral

Baluarte de San Diego Garden

Found this in the garden. I dont really know what it is but it looks like a cannon  or maybe part of a vehicle?
Old Vehicle or Cannon

Government Offices
Intramuros Palacio del Gobernador

Golf course which is outside the wall
Intramuros Wall Golf Course

This area of the wall also looks cool. It is called "Baluarte de San Diego" which was a bastion fort back then.
Baluarte de San Diego

I found something interesting :) near the Baluarte de San Diego
Golf Ball Warning Sign

A lone ball sitting on top of the grass :) I just left it there
Intramuros Wall Golf Ball

I finished my adventure around 12 pm in the afternoon. I decided to go back because it was really hot already. There are some places that I was not able to visit as Intramuros is a big place. 
Intramuros Wall Map

Based on my estimates I just visited only 30% of the whole map. 

So stay tuned for my next updates . :)