Sunday, May 14, 2017

National Museum Tour Part 2

Hi there! Let us continue where we left off.  This time I will be covering the 3rd and 4th level of the museum. Let's go shall we?

National Museum of Anthropology

Lantaka (Swivel gun/Cannon) from Maguindanao is displayed here. They are a bit small compared to the cannons that I saw before. They were used by Filipinos before and during the Spanish Colonization of the Philippines. Trading and raiding vessels in the Southeast Asian maritime trading routes used these cannons and were commonly mounted on walls and palisades of forts to protect communities against foreign enroachment. These cannons also served as signalling devices during celebrations or to warn against impending threats.


A Kampana (Metal bell) that was used during 1853 
Kampana (Metal Bell)

The next room is filled with National Living Treasures from contributors from different parts of the country. For me these contributions gave impact to the different regions in the Philippines.
National Living Treasures Gallery

This bamboo tube was inscribed with ambahan in Mangyan script by Ginaw Bilog from the indigenous tribe of Mangyan. The Ambahan is a metaphoric poem used in conveying messages among the Hanunuo Mangyan of Southern Mindoro.

The Plancha is the embossed metal art design was made by Eduardo Mutuc of Apalit Pampanga, I wonder how many hours it took to make this piece of art.

A Tepo (Mat) 
Tepo (Mat)

Kwintangan Kayu. This one is a musical instrument made from Bamboo and synthetic paints. It is hung under a tree near a rice field. It is believed that the music it produces encourage growth for newly planted rice and abundant grains.
Kwintangan Kayu

This loom set is beautiful. Ever since I was little I was always fascinated by this equipment.
Loom Set

Various Garments from different regions in the country

Kimona and Pandiling (Blouse and Skirt)
Kimona and Pandiling (Blouse and Skirt)
 Upper Garment and Baag
Upper Garment and Baag
There are also different armbands and chokers
Armbands and Chokers

The next gallery is about the Bangsamoro art. The Bangsamoro is a proposed autonomous region in Mindanao which can be established in the next few years.

The Tabo also called Dabu Dabu is a signalling instrument horizontally suspended in mosques. I wonder how this instrument is.
Tabo (Dabu-Dabu)
The Kulintang is made of horizontal gongs and behind is where the player sits called Karsi. The guitar like instrument is called Kudyapi.
Kulintang and Kudyapi
 This is called Boras which is placed on the walls to regulate the entry of sea breeze.
The item on the top is a fish net called Sabur. The book stand on the middle is for the Koran. The jars on the bottom are perfume containers.
Sabur, Koran Stand, Perfume Containers
This is a model house called Subanun
Subanun House Model
Armors and Helmet
Various Swords from top to bottom (Kumpilan, Nawi, Kris)
Kumpilan, Nawi, Kris
 Various Weapons and Shields.
Various Weapons and Shields
 Tiruray Shield
Tiruray Shield
The next room is filled with archaeological treasures including Jose Rizal's Ultimo Adios (Last Farewell)
Ultimo Adios
Breast shaped pots
Breasted Shape pots
Anthropomorphic jar covers
Anthropomorphic Jar Covers
Burial Jar
Burial Jar
Effigy Jar (Left) Goblet (Right)
Effigy Jar and Goblet
A plate copper plate inscription (10th Century)
Copper Plate Inscription
Various Musical Instruments and bow
Musical Instruments, Bow
Stone Figures
Stone Figure
Moving on to the 4th level of the Museum we can see different baskets and handicrafts made in the Philippines. Each one of them serves different functions.
Baskets, Handicrafts

Baskets, Handicrafts
Some bags and coats
Hats and Shields
Hats and Shields
Different Farming Tools. Some are used with a carabao like the rakes attached to the wall
Farming Tools
A big Foot Loom. 
Foot Loom
Wooden Idol Bulul
Wooden Idol
An Ifugao House Model
Ifugao House
 This is a Nipa Hut also called Bahay Kubo which is an icon of the Filipino Culture.
Nipa Hut
 Rectangular Skirt with different patterns
Rectangular Skirt
These are various birds found in the Philippines
Bird Collection

There you have it guys. The museum still has lots of things in it that I haven't covered because it is so big. The things I mentioned here are just representations of what Philippines is all about. :D . Join me again on my next adventure as I pedal around the Philippines. Thank You!