Sunday, March 26, 2017

My first biking adventure

So yesterday I made my first trip using my bike. I planned to visit areas that are near to familiarize myself with biking. It was kind of scary at first because I will have to share the road with other vehicles so I planned the safest routes that I will take in order to get to my destination. So around 9 am in the morning I took my first pedal to adventure.

My first stop, the walled city of Intramuros. Intramuros is one of the oldest district here in Manila Philippines and has a rich history. It was built during the time when Philippines was under Spanish rule. There are many entrances to Intramuros and here is what one of the entrances looks like:

Intramuros entrance

Sunday, March 19, 2017

New Accessories bought

Hi there

This afternoon I bought the important accessories for my bicycle that I was not able to buy yesterday. The shop was full of people as usual but thankfully the attendant that assisted me yesterday was there so I was able to order the parts I needed quickly. So here they are:

Saturday, March 18, 2017

My New Biycle

I was confused and undecided because there were many choices to choose from. I asked myself what type of bicycle do I want. Is it the folding ones, the road bike or the mountain bike? I also asked myself what is my budget range and what aesthetics of the bicycle do I want.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Choosing my first bicycle

Choosing a bicycle for me is a tough choice. It has been a while since I rode a bicycle. 3 years I believe. Personally I like my new bicycle that has bike assist and has its own motor. Unfortunately those types of bikes are expensive here in the Philippines and is not yet mainstream. So in the mean time I will buy a conventional bicycle. I was researching on what type of bike I will buy using and here is one of my choices.


Hi My Name is Mark from Manila Philippines

This is my first post.

I am a new blogger. I do not have a bike yet but I plan to buy one and tour around and show you different parts of the Philippines using my bike. I will update you of my progress to show you the different scenes and places in my country.

I hope you take part in my adventures while cycling around my country.