Saturday, March 18, 2017

My New Biycle

I was confused and undecided because there were many choices to choose from. I asked myself what type of bicycle do I want. Is it the folding ones, the road bike or the mountain bike? I also asked myself what is my budget range and what aesthetics of the bicycle do I want.

I tried to find answers through visiting local bike shops and asking people, reading forums and watching YouTube. Based on what I researched folding bikes are good because they are portable and can be placed at the back of your car or you can even take them on trains (well during rush hours good luck on that hehe). The only problem is that many people told me that folding bikes are not as sturdy as non folding ones and you may hear squeaks and feel vibrations during the ride. Road bikes on the other hand are fast but most of the road bikes that I see here are expensive.Mountain bikes are not as fast as the road bike (correct me if I'am wrong :) ) but I really like the aesthetics of mountain bikes and the price here is a little bit cheap and the fact that it is also designed for off road cycling is a plus to me because I plan to use my bicycle off road someday.

So this afternoon I finally decided to buy my first mountain bike with some accessories at my local bike shop at Quiapo Manila Philippines.

                                                                           The assembly
   Bike assembly

                                                                      Finished bicycle
Assembled Bike

Mob helmet silverGo kit

Unfortunately I was not able to buy other important accessories like the side mirrors and arm guards for protection. But I will definitely buy them maybe this coming week.

The bicycle with all the parts amounted to Php 11,000 (200 US dollars). I was really happy with this purchase and the attendants were really kind and accomodating despite the number of customers inside the shop. :)

So with my new bicycle I'm off to new adventures.

Stay tuned for more updates :)