Sunday, March 19, 2017

New Accessories bought

Hi there

This afternoon I bought the important accessories for my bicycle that I was not able to buy yesterday. The shop was full of people as usual but thankfully the attendant that assisted me yesterday was there so I was able to order the parts I needed quickly. So here they are:

First are the side mirrors. I did not immediately buy them at the shop where I bought my bike cause I did not like the color. I would have wanted them to be in black but since all the shops do not have these I decided to buy them. (I do not know why either) Well I really want to have side mirrors because for me I feel much safer to look at side mirrors than looking behind me because I tend to lose my balance while cycling.
Side mirror

I also got this blinker light for my helmet. I placed it at the back of my helmet and it looks nice. Well having this makes me more visible to the incoming cars behind me. It is a little bit expensive though but safety comes first.

bike red light helmet

Cat eye loop 2 red light

Last but not the least, I also bought locks for my bike. It looks sturdy enough for me. 

MOB bike duralock

So there by next week I will start my journey through beautiful places with my bike.

Stay tuned for next updates

See ya :)